Sunday, March 18, 2012

Maryland GTG

Hi all,
Yesterday, my best stitching friend an I spent four house at the Maryland GTG. We brought cheese and crackers. We had a great time. We have not been in a while due to life's other commitments, great to see  everyone and spent some time together and stitching. Here is a pic of what I accomplished yesterday. Today went to Michael's they had some spring flowers sale that had polka dots,so whimsical. Off to the camper for some maintenance, home to laundry, clean out the compost bins, and washed the cars. Hope to put a few more stitches tonight. Til next time , Sue in MD

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A beautiful day

This weekend was spent by attending the home and garden show for a couple of hours on Saturday. Sunday was spent by moving all the living room furniture and straightening out the carpet in our living room. It had a couple of ripples that needed to e straightened. So furniture out and back in. I stitched a little during the NASCAR race but was able to stitch for about an hour tonight. Here is a progress pic of the White Willow tribal I am working on. I have a section I need to frog but that will be another day. Til next time,
Sue n MD

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More tribal

Stitching tonight while watching Survivor and then Modern Family. Here is an update pic.
Til next time,
Sue n MD

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finished,finally finished

Put the last back stitching and the beads on the Bicycle Delivery. My DH stapled the backing fabric to the frame as recommended. So here it complete. We went out to the viewing of my best friends MIL. Then we stopped for some grocery's.  Now watching the NASCAR race. I have a new start, it is a present but it one of the White Willow Tribal stitching on 28 count Flax Cashel using Sampler Thread Dark Chocolate. Here is what I have completed so far. Bad picture from my tablet.... I made the q snap cover today using the tutorial from here.    I needed it due to the extra fabric. I am getting used to it, it is different to stitch with it. Glad I was able to start it l was not going to start it until Bicycle Delivery was completed. Hope everyone is enjoying your day. Til next time, Sue n MD

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Finished with cross stitching

Finished with cross stitching today on the Bicycle Delivery. Just back stitching and instead of the french notes some beads. I did not do what I said with stitching each night but I did some reading. Haven't read that much either recently, and I really enjoyed it. So here is a snap of the cross stitching done. I will
Be back when I finish it. Til next time, Sue n MD