Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Being Productive

Hi again,

More stitching today....all the words are done on the Pine Mountain Pillow on to the small bird in the bottom right hand corner. Neatened up my craft room, still cluttered but was able to mend my sweater and hem my nephews boy scout pants. Now I need to meet up with my sister to deliver the pants. Hope you are all are able to stitch.  Still snowing here in Maryland, maybe, maybe another snow day, or delayed opening tomorrow. Be safe,
Til next time,

Sue in MD

Read in 2013

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  • Death of a Neighborhood Witch Laura Levine
  • Untl the End of Time Danielle Steel
  • Language of Flowers Vanessa Diffenbaugh
  • Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Married Heather McElhatton
  • Plantation Dorothea Benton Frank
  • Playing Possum Charlaine Harris
  • A Cowboy under my Christmas Tree Janet Dailey
  • Sins of the Mother Danielle Steel

Snow Day

Went to work this morning, before the snow started. We have been home for a few hours and watching the snow fall. Caught up on the latest Castle show and watched Flowers in the Attic that was shown on Lifetime that I dvr'ed. Stitching recently a pine mountain pillow March - Go Fly a Kite. I left March off of the pillow so I can leave it out all the time. Just colored in the green grass mound with all green. (this is the pic from Pine Mountains web site. Will post my version when completed.

 Been doing a little knitting also as I watch TV. Other than that things are good. Hope you all are able to put some stitches in.

Til next time,

Sue in MD