Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stitching Update

Finished reorganizing my stash today and labeling the containers. Lots of stash but I am glad it is done. Now on to the stitching. Worked around the house today. Did some stitching here is an updated pic. This coming week is work and some doctors appointments. Off to the camper for the weekend. Til next time, Sue n MD

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Reorganizing My Craft Room

Been a while been stitching very little on Enjoy the Ride. Each weekend we have spending time at the campground and that has been fun. We decided to stay home this weekend. I have been spending this Saturday doing chores around the house and trying to organize my craft room. Last night we  stopped to pick up essentials and some plastic containers for helping organize my craft room. I wanted one for Mill Hill Projects, Floss, Fabric, Teapots/Teaspoon Designs, Hoops/Qsnaps, not sure what else for now. Been busy since 1000. Sitting down with a cold drink and thought I would take a break. It is nice to see all the stash and what I should be working on. Gonna stitch some tonight. Going through it makes me want to stitch. I hope your Saturday is going well. Til next time, Sue n MD