Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Stitchy Update

Been stitching. My LNS called and I picked up the WDW Cactus. I was good only picked up that and no more stash. Finished up my alligator that weekend in January. He hangs in my kitchen. Love that he is done.

The second Saturday in February attended a pot luck with some local stitches. Spent a few hours with them. I worked on the Jersey Light Houses. Here is where I am today as I stitch. Today was an unexpected snow day from work. Worked out, shoveled the driveway, placed some WOW and now in my stitching room stitching. Listening to Janet Evanovich One for the Money. I really enjoy stitching while listening to a book.  Hope all is well with you. Hope you are warm and able to stitch.
Til next time. Sue n MD