Sunday, February 5, 2017

Out with Stitchy Friends

I was out with stitchy friends yesterday for a few hours. They meet up on Saturdays at a local church. Sandy and I haven't been in a long time due to weather and family obligations. It was great to stich yesterday with friends who have the same interest. I worked on Pine Mountain Winter Typography by Sandra Workman since it is in 14 count. Here is what I got done yesterday. Other stitching news is I was planning on competing Shepherd Bush Spooky Stitches, but not yet Maybe In February. Been enjoying flosstube. Thanks Flosstubers you make my elliptical time enjoyable. I have been watching as I exercise.  Hope you all get a chance to stitch.
 Til next time, Sue in MD.
Hi again,
I finished spooky stitches by Shepherds Bush. What a fun stitch. Here is the pic. Hope you were able to stitch. Til next time. Sue n MD

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